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Zegna Baruffa Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Yarn collection

Zegna Baruffa Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Yarn collection

Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, an Italian leader in the production of fine yarns for top-quality knitwear, is introducing its new Autumn/Winter 2017-18 collection, encompassing three product lines – Baruffa, Botto Poala and Chiavazza – focusing on research, performance, modernity and sustainability.

The company is known for their speciality yarn,  which includes chunky but extremely lightweight yarns, as well as yarns that appear to bring the vintage look into the future due to the combination of appearance and technical characteristics such as softness.

The Baruffa Cashwool line, born in 1978, continues with a series of fancy yarns for sophisticated patterns with different effects and versatile colour choices. The Cashwool yarn is created from a special selection of Australian extra-fine Merino wool and processed with an exclusive and patented system. Having revolutionized the knitting of worsted yarns in pure wool, it is shiny, but discreet, with silky soft touch, long lasting and with the ability to withstand repeated washing without felting.

Botto Poala line offers a continuous research in the technical capabilities of fibres. The finest wool fibres are used to create fine yarns. When combined with silk, linen, cashmere and man-made fibres for fancy yarns, these fibres are said to create softness of the very high quality.

Chiavazza offers the Baba line, a blend of wool and cashmere yarn.

Themes at large

Standing still

The Standing still colour theme is inspired by nature and wooden patterns, representing a state of peace and the merger between the real and imaginative worlds. It features warm and doughy colours, including tourmaline, ginger, rose-coloured ochre, which decline into a slightly greyish lilac, a sky blue, and a fresh and desaturated underwood green. Petrol and deep blue give the palette a surreal but harmonious sense of obscureness.

Homemade scarecrow

The Homemade scarecrow theme represents inner beauty of worn and aged objects, transformed by the time and nature. In a bravely imperfect palette of obscure, dusty, worn colours, mallow, pinkish grey, pink powder and avocado pair with intense and fresh tones, giving birth to contrasts.


The Walkabout theme in inspired by the courtyard and the interplay of light tones: muffled by the clouds, the morning light softens the shadows and emphasizes the contrasts, exalting the small playful contradictions. Thus, from achromatic and subdued, the palette becomes impetuous, featuring imperceptible lilac and greyish blue – both with the same rose-coloured hue – that shine in the presence of ancient rose, light ochre and gold tones. The colour palette is livened up by turquoise, together with a dark peacock and luminous red.


This theme features violent light colour that illuminates the night and through the dense clouds transfigures the reality, sharpening the details and making them look resplendent. Milky and transparent light-like colours, dazzling lunar whites and foggy greys are the background to the colours of the sky, evanescent but substantial. A sheen and intense purple is the final carnal touch to the palette.

Winter solstice

Finally, the Winter solstice colour theme is about rich colours, featuring a range of patterns and tones, from a very dark mauve to a medium saturated lilac, whilst rust, tangerine and apricot pair with cerulean and orchid, through a richly chromatic white.


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