Cheryomushki Joint Stock Copamny

Cheryomushki Joint Stock Copamny

Moscow sewing association "Cheryomushki" was founded in 1939 and already occupies a leading position among the leading manufacturers of corsetry for many years.
The undeniable fact is that produced by the company "Cheryomushki" Lingerie is a truly "popular" underwear, as represented by a wide range of range it can satisfy the sophisticated demands of customers, both in physique shape, and the level of income, age.
We offer one range of products of JSC Company "Cheryomushki" varied in color, composition, textile, set of accessories and artistic solutions.
High quality of products is achieved by:
- JSC Company "Cheryomushki" is equipped with high-tech equipment of the leading
international brands;
- All products are made from carefully selected and environmentally friendly materials
domestic and European manufacturers;
- Carried out a thorough quality control at every stage of production;
- Fashion designers are developing models based on innovation, taking into account
changes biometrics types of shapes;
- The labor collective of the enterprise consists of highly

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