Ets. L.Noyon & Cie

Ets. L.Noyon  & Cie

Founded in 1919, the company "Noyon Createur de dentelle” is the world leading manufacturer of Leavers lace, with the highest number of Leavers machines: it has 70 looms dating from the 19th century. Items made on these looms have the "Dentelle de Calais” appellation. This family company (3 generations) works with the biggest names in lingerie and is recognised and present throughout the world. It also works with big haute couture brands by making products for the luxury ready-to-wear sector. It was the first to innovate in the 1980s by introducing elastane into lace. NNoyon is a world leader and the creativity it develops is on a par with its title.

It has the largest team of roughmen and designers that exists for a lace maker. The know-how of lace-making is transferred internally; it takes 5 years to become a lace maker. With inestimable archives that date back to the 1920s and are still used by the designers as a reference, Noyon combines responsiveness, quality and reliability with its creativity. Noyon works on order for its customers and also makes its own collections: 300 new products per season, i.e. 600 per year.                                                                                                                         

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