Jeana Lace & Clothing (GD) Co.Ltd

Jeana Lace & Clothing (GD) Co.Ltd

The Jeana Lace Co. Ltd. was established in 1991.

Our motto is “The customer is first, the superior quality survives"

The company has six established offices (In Guangdong, there are the Shantou city of Chendian Jeana Lace Co., Ltd., Gurao Jeana Lace Co. Ltd., The Nanhai city of Yanbu Jeana Lace Co. Ltd., The Zhongshan city of Xiaolan Jeana Lace Co., Ltd., The Dongguan city of Humen Jeana Lace Co. Ltd. In Zhejiang, there is the Yiwu Jeana Lace Co. Ltd.

Now our company’s main products cover the whole Raschel laces series. The machines include the Multibar Raschel series of MRES33EH, MRES39EH, MRES33SU, MRES43SU (electronics control) and MRGSF31/16, MRGSF31/16SU(electronics control), the JACQUARDTRONIC series of MRESJ43/1, MRESJ73/1, MRPJ25/1, MRPJ 43/1 and MRPJ73/1, the TEXTRONIC series of MRESJ31/1/24, MRESJ53/1/24 and MREPJF59/1/24, the RASCHELTRONIC series of MRSJ4/1 and MRSJ5/1.

We offer diverse choice for underwear clothing enterprise to develop products.

Our company has excellent business relations with many famous underwear factories for lots of years. Our products are sold in the domectic and international markets such as Europe and America, Asia, Japan, Russia, etc. 

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  • Intersection Of Dynasty West Road And Chanxing Road
    Nanhai District Foshan, Guangdong
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