Laima M

Laima M

Laima-M, as a producer, was founded in 2003 in the Baltic city of Liepaja, and on the lingerie sales market, we have started to work more since 1993. Knowing the real demand and the market offers, we build a balanced, pricing strategy of our company, all the time, step by step, increasing competitiveness in the market selling clothes. The main markets are the Baltic States, Russia for us. Our professional staff with many years of garment production.
Our company produces the classic clothes, our advantage is understanding when working with customers on both the models and types of fabrics, laces. In this 2013, we will implement a new project called «UNIQUE» lingerie, unique, high quality, very beautiful underwear, on the basis of the world's most fashionable trends and new technologies. Our company uses high quality raw materials of European manufacturers. Together we try to accommodate all your wishes and always welcome new customers. Laima-M - «UNIQUE» lingerie- is rapidly running company aimed at the real buyer, that is right for you!

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  • Krumu 5, LV3405, Liepaja, Latvia

  • Phone: +371 25978846
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