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Lico (Macau) Limited
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Manufactured since 1983, LICO has a reputation for superior workmanship and pattern work.Our main productions today are fashionable and comfortable underwear, thermal and elegant undergarments, luxurious and essential sleepwear, lounge and functional swimwear. With clientele from all over the world, we custom produce and transform creative designs into beautiful garments. Our customers vary between sophisticated boutique brands to familiar regional brands to world-renowned brand names.

Our experienced merchandizing teams offer the best in quality service to ensure that our clients receive the solutions that meet their specific needs. Fluent in English and Chinese, we work closely with our customers to envision the final products while providing professional advice into accomplishing that goal. We provide service from initial product development and material sourcing to garment production, lab testing, quality control and shipping to destination. Because we are the manufacturer, this allows customers to communicate production needs directly and buy at factory prices.

Most of LICO's customers today are through referrals. Our reputation is built upon customer word-of-mouth. Our clients continue to work with us for many years because we hold strict and high quality standards while offering flexible production quantities.

LICO combines all stages of production at our Zhongshan China location - from cutting and sewing of the garment, right through to packing and shipping. This enables us to be efficient and competitive within the global market.Our factories have been audited by social department and comply with local labor laws. We do not outsource our work and we are against sweatshop and child labor. We offer all our employees essential benefits and a comfortable work environment because we understand that a reliable work place is a foundation for productive work.To meet today’s high demand for chemically safe and environmentally friendly products, we adhere to strict environmental standards during development and production.LICO is the manufacturer. By cutting out the middleman, we can supply the highest-quality product on the market. When our clothing is manufactured on site, we have superior quality control. We have the freedom to make changes and improvements to our garments without the delays experienced by companies that outsource. It is our mission to provide quality products for our customers while being a socially responsible manufacturer.

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