A professional manufacturer of high quality corset lingerie, nightwear, homewear and swimwear for women. Our company was founded in 1980 in Dinxperlo - Netherlands. Offices are based in the Netherlands. MFG - a company with 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of underwear. With such extensive experience, we guarantee high quality of our product. To linens were comfortable and ensured a perfect fit, we pay great attention to the materials from which products are produced. Linen and clothing exports MFG large - more than 80% of the annual turnover comes from exports. The annual output of 7.2 million units sold. Mendels Fashion Group customers are in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia and Russia. Thanks to the international experience of such brands as:. LingaDore, YEWO and Moments by LingaDore reached a strong position within the global market MFG - a company full cycle. The company's activities include the development of their own design, his development, product manufacture and delivery to the end customer on their own. In addition, MFG manufactures for their products lace, straps, embroidery, and 70% of the tissue directly in their factories. Also, MFG collaborates with well-known European companies and retail chains, producing clothes under their brands.
For these customers, we take care of the whole process Manufacture, import and export documents and licenses, labeling, packaging and transportation DEVELOPMENT 1980 Koos Mendels founded KMM (Koos Mendels Mode) 1985 The whole production process is moved to Poland and Portugal in 1995 KMM was launched the first brand Lady's Secret, which was a huge success around the world in 2003 Lady's Secret name has been changed to a more sophisticated, glamorous name LingaDore 2004 KMM successfully launched a second brand KMM YEWO 2006 created his first collection of swimwear, called LingaDore Beach.

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