Our fabrics, design and colors are made with a fashion mom in mind. LOVELOC’s vision is to change the maternity and nursing lingerie the world over by revealing the sexy woman inside the loving mother.

When pregnant with my first baby Isabel, my breasts starting to grow and change, my existing bra no longer fit. Used to having nice things and wearing quality, fashionable clothing, my search began for maternity& nursing lingerie that’s stylish, comfortable, and fit correctly.I searched high and low, on the web, in the high street stores, called my friends for recommendations. It became clearly evident that the product I was looking for did not exist. I felt limited by the uninspiring choices of maternity lingerie on the market. Other women I spoke to had the same complaint.
LOVELOC’s maternity and nursing bra is comfortable, supportive and not cutting in, which reduces your risk of blocked milk ducts or mastitis. Featured with a drop-down cup to allow you to conveniently feed your baby and to provide more skin-to-skin contact. The newest 3D spacer material allows the bra to stretch with you. The bra easily holds breast pads in place and is super comfortable for night-time sleeps an

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