"Magma" company was founded in 1994 and stands at the origins of Moscow and the Russian market of underwear and hosiery. For 20 years, we are actively working with customers and successfully cooperating with the best factories-manufacturers.
"Magma" Ltd. is the official dealer of JV "Milavitsa" and the general partner of SIA «Roksa». Since 2006, we participate in the Federal Trade Fair "Textillegprom". Since 2007, producing its own line of seamless underwear under the brand name L'mon.
wholesale and retail women's underwear from a number of well-known manufacturers of Russia, Belarus and Latvia: Milavitsa, Aveline, Roksa, L'mon, Mon, Lotoss- M, Veralli, Palade;
wholesale embroidery, embroidered fabric "New World" of Russian factories;
seamless underwear production under its own brand L'mon.

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  • 107140, Lesnoryadsky Alleyway D.18 P.19 A. Moscow

    Russian Federation
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