Misfire Apparels Pvt Ltd

Misfire Apparels Pvt Ltd

Misfire Apparels Pvt. Ltd,. was established in the Year 2012 by M/s. Anil Knitting  Industries which is renowned for its knitted cloth manufacturing for over 30 years. Misfire Apparels Pvt. Ltd, is also associated to Fine Threads Ltd based in the USA. The products manufactured here are made with special care and attention and keeping the international norms in mind. After establishing the brand we are constantly updating the designs and had already gained the sustainability in the market in the mid-segment. Mifire Apparels Pvt. Ltd is matted to high ambitions and strength, always designs the product keeping comfort and quality in mind.

“We strive to meet the diverse needs of our customer by being innovative. We are committed towards offering fashion quality and comfort at an unbelievable price.

Production capacity of around 2 million pieces per annum with the help of a dedicated team of 200 people and distribution team of 60 across India.

Knowing that the Misfire Apparels products are being used by various classes of customers but company mainly focuses on aspiration middle income group. Coming months we are targeting upper and niche class of consumers.

Brand Strengths

Consistent quality and innovative designing. 

Contact Information

  • M-118, Shahstri Nagar,
    North West Delhi, Delhi 110052
  • Phone: 11-64534170
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