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The company was founded in February 2000. The main activity - wholesale swimwear, leather gloves and sports articles knitted fabric from Hungary. for shaping and aerobics clothing, swimwear for the pool and the beach are always presented in a wide range. Our suppliers - known in Europe and outside the factory, whose products are of high quality, reasonable prices and modern design. Our products are of impeccable cut and high quality tailoring. Reasonable prices and modern design make our products available to a large spectrum of buyers. We offer our clients various forms of cooperation.
Magistral was established in 1992 and produces swimwear for women. With many years of experience and knowledge of the company Magistral produces high-quality, modern, swimwear for women and girls aged 15-55 years who feel the trend of fashion. The success of the collection is the best design, usability models and subject to strict quality criteria. The manufacturing process uses only the highest quality materials are well-known Italian and Spanish producers. The collection of swimwear Magistral includes 160 different models designed primarily for women aged 25-45 years who are interested in high-quality fashion products. Swimsuit Magistral emphasizes femininity and elegance. The colors of the collection, models and colors correspond to the style of youth. The collection is complemented by a wide range of accessories.
Paloma is a dynamically developing Hungarian swimwear brand, which was founded in 1998 by owner and designer in one person. The target audience of the brand - it is women aged 18 to 40 years, a fine sense of changes in fashion -industry and have exceptional taste. Each year brand collection Paloma developed, taking into account the latest fashion trends, but while maintaining a unique personal style.

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