About Us

United 9 is a start up, promoted by Niksan Info Media Private Limited, a company dedicated to the Intimate Apparel Industry for over two decades, through its verticals Lace-n-Lingerie and Bodywear Bulletin - both pioneering monthly publications for the Lingerie professionals. Their revamped website www.lacenlingerie.com  is a leading destination for the Intimate apparel industry. The company is celebrated for having initiated the Designer Lingerie Awards for identifying young designers and giving them a platform to showcase their talents to the world. 

They are also instrumental in creating a platform for the Brands and Accessories manufacturers on the one side to sell to each other as well as to the Distributors, Retailers and Wholesalers through theirBodywear series of Trade fairs. The intimate apparel market in India is growing at a fast pace and Niksan is at the forefront to channelize these efforts in creating a more cohesive marketplace.


About Intimo Hub 

Time doesn't wait for anybody, nor does the technology, Niksan (United 9) is known to do things at the right moment, ever since it launched the first Intimate Fashion Magazine, The first Trade fair on Intimate Apparel in South east Asia to the First Designer Lingerie Contest and Now to the first Lingerie Portal in the World. With the Digital Revolution sweeping the world, we are professing a new way the Intimate Apparel Trade will transact its business from now on.

Presenting INTIMO HUB - a portal that will change the way you buy and sell. You wish to buy raw materials for your creations, or want to source accessories, the next time it could be you have excess stock of finished goods, or even extra stock of lace leftover with you. What do you do? Easy ! Just Post your ad on our portal and in a jify it will reach to millions of users world wide and there will be lots of people having the requirement you have posted.This portal will revolutionize the way you conduct your business, simply because it gives you lot more access  to information, it is able to assimilate a lot more data for you for all the nooks and corners of the world. Simply by accessing our website  regularly will keep you abreast of the changes that are happening in your field. It will also provide you with sales leads and let you know where the markets are opening up in which part of the world the demand is rising and how fast. Most important of all it tell you the trends that are prevalent worldwide.

All in all it is a One Stop Shop for all your B to B needs. You have to be here everyday or else you wont figure out what happening behind your back!