The range of products manufactured by the factory PANTELEMONE, is extremely extensive. This includes men's knitwear, casual clothing and home, men's underwear and underwear designed to be worn in cold climates - thermal underwear. All products are made of high quality eco-friendly materials with the required certificates of conformity. Production processes are constantly improved our factory, completely matching the spirit of the times and the demands of the market. qualified specialists work with modern equipment. Products factory PANTELEMONE repeatedly noted prizes of international exhibitions. Among the honors has the gold medal, handed the enterprise team at the All-Russian Exhibition Center "for providing high-quality products." We are proud DIPLOMA national competition, held under the motto "Buy Russian". On the tenth competition of industrial collections of clothes "Russian style" of our products have been awarded the medal "Golden Sirin" of the first degree for the underwear collection of samples for men. The factory products are full technological cycle: from design models and patterns to packaging products.

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  • 141700, Moscow region, Dolgoprudny, Lihachevsky Avenue,
    Building 18, Building. 1 (offices, warehouses)

    Russian Federation
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