Quality General Store

Quality General Store

One of the oldest running Lingerie Outlets established since 1964, Quality General Stores is a institution in Lingerie sales in the country. They have a walk in of over 1,500 to 2,000 customers daily who purchase their lingerie requirements from Quality. The name has become synonymous with Quality and correct pricing.

Customers have tremendous faith in the goods they retail and go by the words of the owners Mr. Pankaj and Mr. Dinesh Jain who are sweetness personified. They have build a tremendous good will in lingerie business both from the customers stand point and from the brands stand point that are always thronging at their stores in order to get space to retail their brands in Quality General Stores.

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  • 10-F, Kamla Nagar, Kolhapur Road,
    North Delhi, Delhi 110007
  • Phone: 91-11-2384 7992
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