Sputnik Llc

Sputnik Llc

Collection TRASPARENZE especially famous for its fancy collection. Fashionistas will find it not only seductive stockings and tights, but also quiet model with a variety of drawings, in which they will feel attractive and desirable in any situation
Bright and bold innovative solutions in fancy Italian designers collections Girardi - bows, ruffles, crystals, French lace - will not leave anyone indifferent man! Your legs certainly will not go unnoticed!
If you are a fan of the classics, the classic collection MADEMOISELLE , Girardi , TRASPARENZE , VOILA specially sozdans for you! The finest silky pantyhose and stockings from 5 den to a new generation of seamless tights and leggings You will be so comfortable that you will never want to part with them.
The collection of PRISCO and PUNTO we offer you a wide range of socks, stockings, leggings, boots and podsledniki from the finest cotton, wool, cashmere both classic and trendy patterns and designs.
The collection MADEMOISELLE except classical line of tights, stockings, knee-highs and socks, we can always make you happy our customers and seamless underwear MADEMOISELLE INTIMO from the softest microfiber : tank tops, turtlenecks, T-shirts and tops, shorts and thong.
A man we will please an excellent collection of men's underwear TM LUI from "breathing" a new generation of microfiber with added MicroModal, Lingerie this brand you will feel yourself the whole day as if would have just taken a shower. Guaranteed purity of your skin for the whole day!
Our clients include not only large wholesale regional distributors, and large retailers such as Planet Tights, of PRISCO, tights Italy, the Gulf Stream, Nylon dragonfly, and retail stores of our customers in the major shopping centers in all regions of Russia.

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