Td Lowry Llc

Td Lowry Llc

Today the range of presented collections for adults and children for only one season, more than 1000 models. The concept of your business, our company builds not only on the sale of clothes, but also to provide additional services to their customers, such as: the production of advertising materials and equipment for shops and offices, advice and assistance in the formation of the order, the order book. Work with knitted underwear, which we offer, fun and profitable! We are always ready to answer your questions. We will be glad to see you among our partners.
During the ten years of hard work, the company «Lowry» acquired a huge number of customers who come back to the brand and remain loyal to it. During this time we have become parties to the major Russian exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg: "The World of Childhood," "Fashion Industry", "Christmas present", "All Summer", "Roslegprom". Concluded agreements with a large number of shops in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian regions. Each year to develop and produce a collection of men's, women's and children's underwear. For each collection produced a fashion catalog. The company's team during this time has expanded, strengthened, and rallied. Anniversary of the company have met together and have fun in Israel.
Since 2001, we offer Russian customers female, male and children's underwear TM «Lowry», one word - underwear for the whole family. Brand Lowry - it's family values, loyalty to tradition and a certain conservatism that against the background of mass propaganda of violence and aggressive sexuality is a very positive factor.

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  • "Trading house" Lauri " St. Petersburg,
    St. Tankers Hrustitskogo, 94.

    Russian Federation
  • Phone: +7(812) 676 77 01
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